Program Program EBC meeting Sofia 2014

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08:00 09:30 Registration
09:30 09:40 Syposium opening and welcome
09:40 10:00 Prof. Mary Baker
Societal and Health Challenges in Europe
10:00 10:20 Dr. Diana Indjova
Protection, legislation and services for people with mental disabilities
10:20 10:40 Prof. Marin Marinov
Neurosurgery in Bulgaria - opportunities and challenges
10:40 11:00 Prof. Vihra Milanova
Psichiatry in Bulgaria - past, present and future. Opportunities and challenges
11:00 11:20 Corr. Member Prof. Ivan Milanov
Neurology in Bulgaria - recent advancements, challenges and opportunities
11:20 11:40 Prof. Roland Pochet
The Belgian brain council: the National Brain Council leader
11:40 12:20 Coffee break
12:20 12:40 Mrs. Kathy Oliver
Out of the shadows: raising awareness of the challenges of brain tumours – the IBTA experience
12:40 13:00 Prof. Albena Jordanova, Assoc. prof. Radka Kaneva
Fundamental science in Bulgaria - opportunities and challenges
13:00 13:20 Prof. Ducati
Costs analysis of the treatment for drug resistant epilepsy - new technological advancements and opportunities
13:20 13:40 Dr. Krasimir Minkin
Organization of the deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus for patients with Parkinson disease
13:40 14:40 Prof. Vladimir Benes
Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? related to neurosurgery
14:40 15:00 Discussion
15:00 16:30 Cocktail

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