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Dear colleagues and friends,

I am greatly honored to announce the 1st Bulgarian EBC Symposium in Sofia that will be held on November 7-th in Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan.


The objectives of the meeting will be to present the challenges and opportunities that Bulgarian neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, patients and business have to face in this period of economic crisis. All aspects will be interpreted in the framework of the European perspectives.


Our aim - to bring together all the stakeholders with the experienced and knowledgeable support of the EBC for passing around the message of the initiative “2014 - Year of the Brain” in Bulgaria:
- to raise the public awareness and educate the society about how to protect our brain and about the economic burden of brain diseases;
- to improve treatment and care for those affected by brain disease by sending a clear message about the urgent need of prioritizing of brain disease in the national health systems;
- last but not least, we hope to advocate for increased funding for basic research into the brain.


Sofia is amongst the oldest cities in Europe. A crossroad of different cultures and religions, it is a unique place were a Christian church, a mosque, a synagogue and ancient ruins may be found in less than 200 meters from each other. What could be a better message for the possibility for building bridges, connecting people and cultures, unifying efforts and knowledge?
And what purpose can be more valuable than the care for the most precious that makes us unique and conscious - our brain.


I extend special thanks to our speakers, who with their expertise and international reputation supported us in the name of this important cause.


I wish a pleasant and fruitful work of the Forum.


Prof. Nikolay Gabrovsky
Head of the organizing committee


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