About us European Brain Council

The European Brain Council (EBC) is a coordinating council formed by European organizations in neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, fundamental research, patient organizations as well as companies from within the pharmacological, medical devices and biotechnological industries. It represents a vast network of patients, doctors and scientists, and these stakeholders along with its industrial partners make it eminently suited to work in close partnership with the European Parliament and Commission, national governments as well as other policy making bodies. The EBC was officially founded on 22 March 2002 in Brussels.


The European Brain council - Bulgaria started its work as a National Action Group in 2011. Main activities were related to the presentation and discussion of the study “Cost of Disorders of the Brain in Europe”.

The next fundamental step was made in 2014 when the registration of a legal body – “European Brain council – Bulgaria” was performed.


The European Brain council –Bulgaria share similar objectives as the EBC:
- to eliminate the discrepancy between the huge impact of brain diseases and the implications of understanding normal brain function on the one hand, and the modest financial and time resources allocated to brain research, teaching and the care of brain diseases on the other.
- to promote brain research and to improve the quality of life of those affected by brain diseases.

Actually, the European Brain council – Bulgaria as an integral part of the National Brain Councils network of the EBC.


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